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We finance development of solar energy and power projects of alternative and sustainable resources which are now the “tasty morsel” for green creditors and depositors. Though the admiration for these projects can change in accordance with the used equipment and its producer. We can see numerous working examples of such alternative source in the European southwest and worldwide. It is sure that the promotion of solar energy generation is one of the incentive policies of the several EU states which had set advantageous tariffs for electricity generated in solar farms. In the end in this area there is a plenty of opportunities for high beneficial rates of return on investment as well for other sustainable sources. Financing projects of solar power developments generating green and sustainable energy is one of Vtormat Investment Fund working domains.

Vtormat Investment Fund finance and provide investment for developments of solar energy projects across the Europe and many areas worldwide. Funding alternative developments of solar power projects passed into a main domain of present environmental challenges. Along with the current expansion and the estimated future evolution of this green resource the capitalization of these undertakings became a large and rising market. There are other important factors that address this source and this is the fact that to generate solar electricity is not needed fuel. This facilitates to lower the facilities operation expenses since there are no acquisition and transportation costs, or environmental problems resulting from power generation from fuels. The general financial outlook of these facilities is fantastic. It will be demanded that this financial need to be matched in the present and into the uncertain future. We are here with our expertise and professionalism to assist obtaining your financing needs for the alternative energy projects.

We are able to ensure up to 100% to finance development projects using all debt for those that will be qualified. And you hold all equity and also the tax benefits! Other variants comprise 100% Funding for projects with solar energy using a conjunction of debt and equity. The correlation of debt to equity can be different according to the business type. Significant elements of gaining capital include the Acquisition or Power Purchase Agreements. In addition EPC and O&M contracts may be crucial for the successful applying for financing. Terms are always advantageous to winning among sponsors and creditor- depositors. Payment grace periods and/or interest ensure with a lot of time to grow the profit and achieve the settling of cash flow. We focus on projects that are at “closer to realization” stage. Vtormat Investment Fund do not grant start-up funds for very early stages or/and “seed money”.

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