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Vtormat Investment Fund is an investment group, part of Vtormat Holding, that assures financing to companies developing sustainable landfills and green energy projects: wind farms, solar farms, biodiesel plants, hydroelectric and geothermal power plants etc. We are searching innovative byproduct companies working in the sector of development and erection of energy related market which are supervised by professional and extremely motivated teams.

Vtormat Investment Fund is a consulting company specialized on financing development of sustainable energy projects for competent developers. Sustainable renewable power is despairingly needed worldwide. We are waiting to start the work with your company to arrange all the steps of your proposition for the investment needs you demand. We are competent to support in arrangement and presentation of your file to our sources of financing with a methodology to potentiate their approbation. For renewable power projects the star- up companies can have the issue to place liens, equity or loans and it is important to know it. In some cases the risk component can be high for the depositor due to the developer’s modest experience. Often the management of start-up company have good preparation from the industry which is a big step forward. But for you to know – this is not a cause to think that the investment is not achievable for you. It signifies that you need to choose the right consultant with a multitude of investment sources. The consultant will need to perform a lot of things for your company in order to find the appropriate investment source that will be worthwhile for your objectives and specific destinations. We don’t provide initial investment or start-up funds on first phase.

Vtormat Investment Fund has raised constantly its capital and portfolio in all its time of activity. Normally in dependence of the proposed project Vtormat Investment Fund finance from 0,5 to 10 million Euro. The huge expertise of Vtormat Investment Fund leadership supports the business evolution by assisting recruit adequate staff and leadership, to expand collaborations, improve the company strategy and assortment of production, and raise further bank, subsidy or venture funding. We work with the company to support it proceed to the next stage.

Vtormat Investment Fund is specialized in funding projects like developments of sustainable landfills and wind, solar, biodiesel plants, waste to energy (WtE), geothermal, hydroelectric etc. Vtormat Investment Fund form a collaboration of several financial institutions with overall 30 years of expertise in the domain of capital placement for green projects and energy plants, alternative fuels etc. Vtormat Investment Fund finance alternative energy projects in the present for a better, cleaner and more sustainable future as we are responsible for our environment. The energetic domain related to sustainable landfill, WtE, wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric plants, are feasible only with a perfect management and starting with this point the project leaders can receive adequate package and present to the sources of financing and investment capital. Our objective is to assure the success in development of alternative energy project worldwide.